Give More Strength to Your Building with J.K. Prestressing Company’s Assistance

There are various ways of reinforcing the concrete. One amongst them is prestressing and post tensioning is just a form of prestressing. Although both the methods are used to reinforce the concrete to provide more strength to the materials, and hence to the buildings, there is very thin line between prestressing and post tensioning.

Post tensioning and its advantages

While in prestressing, steel is stressed first and concrete is poured afterwards, whereas, in post tensioning, the concrete is poured first and then the steel is stressed. Therefore, post tensioning is the process of strengthening the concrete or other construction materials with other high-strength steel strands referred to as tendons. It is method of inducing permanent stresses in a structure. Pre-stressing is generally done at the manufacturing facility.

There are many advantages of using post-tensioned concrete as recognized by the engineers and these advantages have been utilized time and again to build stronger structures. The main advantage of post tensioning is its flexibility of design. Low material cost, reduction in the amount of ground works required, and slabs with fewer expansion joints are just some of the advantages.

Experience and expertise, you can count on

With so many post tensioning companies functioning in India, J.K. Prestressing company is one of the experienced players out of all the post tensioning companies. Post tensioning works have been executed by the J.K. Prestressing company since its inception and has significant involvement in many well-known and prestigious projects in India both private and involving the government projects.

The company’s aim is to continually improve and meet the client’s requirements with the changing needs. The company has gained various certificates for its dedicated service, standard compliance and good practice. Commitment to meet the customer requirements, both legally and regulatory, has pushed us into continual development helping us to maintain the effectiveness throughout the path, by providing outstand service and product quality at the same time. Our twin objectives of long-term success and sustained improvements are responsible for the quality work we offer to our customers. We are as dedicated to the grievances as we are to the requirements of the customers because customers are our pillars to success.